A beginning

Ok, hubby has been after me for some time to get my blog going. I used to journal all the time but since I met Richard, (the love of my life) I haven’t had time for anything but running around catching up on things we missed out on for 25 years.

So here is the scoop. Richard and I were sort of high school sweethearts. Although we never dated we were best friends and always together. I knew I loved him from the first moment I met him back in 1979. I walked down the steps into the halls of BHS that cool morning and saw him standing by my locker and knew THAT was the man I wanted to marry. We never dated because of my insecurities of standing up to people that I thought mattered, that wouldn’t have approved that he was 1/2 Japanese, (although he looked VERY Japanese, and was quite handsome I might add). In 1981, Richard left for the Navy, and I thought I would never see him again. One morning while working, he walked into my place of employment and I was shocked to see him standing there. All those memories came flooding back and I told him I had never stopped loving him. To my surprise he said the same to me and the rest is history.

We we married on April 10th, 2004, and now live in a small town in northern Missouri called Marceline, the boyhood town of Walt Disney. It is a small, but quaint little town where you can actually watch the sidewalks roll up at 5:00. That is a phrase that Richard cornered. We have 3 sons and 3 daughters. Micah, who would have been 18 this past April, (a story for another day), Briana (15), Jordan (14), John (13), Kelsey (9), and Issac (8). What a crew! They are all our pride and joy…… believe me having 3 teenagers all at the same time is a trip!

So now we spend our time in this quaint little town serving God, and living our lives for Him. Richard has begun the process to become a licensed pastor within the United Methodist Church. We attend Trinity Church in Brookfield, where we sing in the chancel choir, are in charge of the video projection/sound system, Richard is a layspeaker, I am the Joy Singers choir director, we both sit on the ad council, teach Jr. High Sunday school class, and anything else we can do to serve the Lord. That is our main goal is to tell others about Jesus and His saving grace.

I am proud to stand beside Richard and to call him my husband. He has a true servant’s heart and lives his life to the fullest for God. I truly believe God has reached down from heaven and touched him in a way that you don’t see often. As we embark on this decision together, to become ministers of the Gospel, I am excited and also very scared. I have to examine myself daily and look at myself through others eyes. Some things I don’t like and I have to deal with that. I know that I am going through a change, and God is making those changes in me. They are all for the good, I know, however some of them are hard habits to give up. But I know that I have to give up myself and give all of myself to God in order for me to do His work effectively. I welcome the change and I ask for prayers to make it a smooth transition.

Well I guess I have rambled enough. As Richard would say….. I usually talk a bunch about nothing….LOL. Guess my first post lives up to this.


3 thoughts on “A beginning

  1. Way to go baby cuz….I am so excited to be the first comment on your AWESOME blog….so proud of you.

    It’s so nice to have another peaceful, uplifting spot to go, especially when I am down…which has been alot lately đŸ™‚

    Love you both!! Lots of hugs coming your way đŸ™‚ Tess

  2. Wow! Sis has a blog! About time! I really enjoyed reading it! Keep it up daily so Bob and I can keep up you and Richard. Coming back home tommorrow!
    Love ya,

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