Rambling On……

Wow! What a busy couple of days. My Darling Hubby (DH) and I actually got away this weekend and went to Hannibal to hear a dear friend preach. Richard has been a lay-speaker at her church when she served at Sumner and Mendon before moving to Hannibal Park United Methodist. We realized we had never heard her preach and wanted to get away from it all this weekend, so we took a day to ourselves, and drove over to hear her do just that.

Monday started the day off with listing my latest creations on eBay. Yes my DH calls me the eBay Queen. For those of you who don’t know, I make Chatty Cathy doll clothes and sell them on eBay. Lately I can’t keep them made quick enough to sell them. So I decided this week I was going to sew and sew and sew, until I got ahead. Well now let me tell you. Trying to sew with 5 kids in the house all under the age of 4 is quite a task. Blessings have been bestowed upon me and until today they have been pretty cooperative. Two out of three days ain’t bad I guess. Wait isn’t that a song………….Yea! A band called Meatloaf sang it. Oh well guess I am showing my age now.

Really need to get some sleep now but DH has been after me to post more so I thought I would let you know what I have been up to the last couple of days. If you want to take a look at my handy work visit here.

Goodnight all……….going to try to get some sleep tonight. (that is if DH doesn’t keep me awake with his beautiful snoring and tossing and turning again LOL) I love you honey 🙂


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