A Humble Apology…

My DH turned 44 yesterday.  I remember (when I was 14 and saw him for the first time….hubba hubba!) thinking it must be HORRID to be over 30, and that it was all down hill from there!!

Like a good wine (or so I have heard wine can be good….I don’t drink the stuff personally) we can become vinegar or we can mature beautifully!  I can say that my Hubby comes from a very good vineyard, and over the past 4 years I have seen him grow into a loving husband, an outstanding father and a man who truly has a love for Jesus.   As our marriage has unfolded I have seen him mature beautifully in SO many areas!

Yesterday I dogged him on his blog about being an old man.  I just wanted him to know that I want my heart and our home to be a refuge for him.  I want him to know I AM proud of him and just because he has grey hair, I still think HUBBA HUBBA when I look at him.  I love you honey.  You are a true inspiration to all who have the privilege of being a part of your life.


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