What a Challenge

Wow! I have been wading through mounds and mounds of information on homeschooling. I feel like I will never be organized and I only have about 7 weeks before I start. I just keep praying and I know God will lead me to choose the right curriculum that will be pleasing to him. Math worries me a little, but I figure since we have the all time math GURU in the house (Richard) we will be OK.

Kelsey stayed home yesterday with a migraine. Man if there is one thing I DIDN’T want my children to inherit from me was that. She did feel better yesterday afternoon, after 2 doses of Tylenol and finally an ibuprofen and aspirin mixed. I called the Dr. and she said that the latter mixture was what they put in the low dose of migraine medicine. I was a little nervous about giving her aspirin with the danger of Reye’s Syndrome and all but she assured me that it usually followed a viral infection and fever.

I have been wondering if she is as excited as me about homeschooling her and about 1/2 way through the day she asked “Mom why do I have to finish out the semester?”. I explained to her that finishing the semester wasn’t to benefit her per say but to allow me to get organized and to allow time for all her books to arrive. I can’t imagine starting without being organized. I am an organization freak. My canned goods are all stacked in a row in the cabinet, everything on my desk has a place and if it is out of place I can’t work. I am turning the back porch (closed in) into a school storage room. All of the supplies will be stored here on shelves in plastic bins so she can grab whatever subject she is going to work on and take it to the table.

Books are on order. Supply lists are made. I am fervently sewing chatty cathy clothes and listing them on ebay to fund this project. God has blessed us in that when I have needed to order something, the money is always there. I checked on Science curriculum and to get something that is not from a world view but from a creation view is going to be around the 170.00 mark. I almost dropped of a heart attack over that one….but it is all about exploring Science from a creation point of view. Well worth the money.

A thank you to Lavone Mendenhall for being a wonderful mentor in this endeavor. She is a true believer in Christ and has taught her three boys. She is a wonderful mother, wife and follower. Praise God for putting people like her in my path to lead and guide me.


One thought on “What a Challenge

  1. All I can say is…I am so very proud of you, my darling Jeannie, for taking the incentive to teach our kids from a biblical perspective about the world around them, and truly show them the Truth that God says in His Word. I thank Him every day for your love and devotion to our family, and most of all, for your love and devotion to Him. You are such a blessing to me, and a steadfast helpmate as we travel the ministry road together. I love you.

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