Books are ordered….now what?

Alrighty then…..All the books have been ordered, and now comes the harrowing task of making up lesson plans. I believe I am developing a whole new sense of school and wished I had paid more attention when I was in school. I was a A & B student and I had to really work hard to get those grades. Unlike my eloquent hubby who never even took a book out of his locker, much less took one home and still got straight A’s. In fact looking at his desk all the time now you would never believe how neat his locker was! He is the whiz. He is our resident speller; can speak Spanish; always knows History facts; remembers EVERYTHING; can spout the answer to 6 digit multiplication problems within seconds; and definitely is a grammar person. He says it comes naturally and to that I say ARRRGGGGHHHHHH!!

So far, the material I have looked at doesn’t scare me to bad, however, I haven’t really looked at the Saxon Math book alot. My guess is when we get into higher grades of that particular subject, Richard will be coming home from work; eating supper; and then tutoring me in Math so I can teach Kelsey. LOL I am definitely challenged in this subject. I remember taking Pre-Algebra my freshman year in HS and getting by with C-‘s. If it weren’t for Mrs. Sarah Mosley, I wouldn’t have gotten that. She always had the time to go the extra effort it took to make sure I at least understood basics. Then I took Algebra in some outreach courses for college with our very own Barrett Jones as the teacher. (He taught math for 4 years to Richard in HS) For what it is worth, I think he is an excellent teacher, my brain is just not math wired. I made it 5 weeks and dropped out because I just couldn’t get with the program.

My plan is now that I am almost 42, I can finally have the patience to learn as I go along. I keep praying about it and I have the faith that God will make me a confident teacher and be able to convey concepts to Kelsey. She is eager to learn and who knows she may be able to teach me a thing or two. It is a safe bet that I will not be teaching her any of these new methods that they are trying to teach kids in school now. (i.e. counting on your fingers, weird multiplication, adding and multiplying from left to right? what is that one about?)

We (Kelsey, and myself) are excited about our new roles as mother and daughter. She keeps counting the days till Christmas vacation so she doesn’t have to go back to school. I keep counting the days, getting more nervous, praying that I can fill that little mind full of God’s creation. Because that is truly what we do when we teach our children is fill their minds with God’s Biblical Truths. Everything that we learned when we were kids and everything we teach our children boils down to that. Everything was created by God. Everything is His. And it is our responsibility as human beings to spread that TRUTH to others.

Pray for me. To have the abilities to effectively teach. Pray for Kelsey. To have the patience to listen to her mother. 🙂 Pray for Richard. To have patience with both of us, as I am sure satan will put lots of stumbling blocks in our path.


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