I AM still alive……..really!

Just a quick note to let you know I am still alive. The Davis household has been very busy the past week or so. With foster parenting classes and community chorus and church and trying to get Christmas decorations up and and and and…..sheesh. Seems like we haven’t had time to breathe much less write in my blog.

Finally got all the inside Christmas decorations up. Now the hubby has to do the outside. Briana is coming tonight so we probably won’t get it done till tomorrow. But then the Assessor is coming to do our in home assessment tomorrow afternoon. So it will be house cleaning tonight.

Gearing up for the boys to come in two weeks for two weeks. Can’t wait to see them. We basically only get to see them 3 times a year so we Cherish every minute they are here. Only wish Isaac could come too! Maybe someday.

OK need to get back to work on cleaning this office up a little. ARGH! I absolutely detest cleaning this office. When I do, I lose track of where everything is. But Richard cleaned his desk off so now (for the first time) the rest of it looks junkie.

Will write more later I promise.


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