Well we officially started homeschooling today.  We had a blast.  Kelsey even asked me if she had to call me “Mrs. Mommy”!  What a laugh we got out of that one.  She finished up Language, vocab, and spelling fairly quick.  Then whizzed through math at a rather lightening speed.  She had time to read for an hour or so while I made lunch for the babysitting kiddos.  After lunch we started in on History.  I give kudos to Lavonne Mendenhall for the history curriculum!  It is “The Mystery of History”.  It starts with creation and goes through the Resurrection.  Kelsey is learning about history that coincides with the bible.  After the history lesson, we went right into science.  Once again it is exploring science through creation.  I chose the Apologia curriculum Zoology 1 which has the title of “The Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day”  She really liked this because it has experiments after each lesson.  On down the line she gets to build bird houses, and bird feeders.  It does my heart good to see her have such excitement in her eyes when she exhibits such a zeal for God.

DH and I just finished our last foster parenting class tonight.  It has been a great journey and it is pretty much a guarantee that we will get our license as they called last week wanting us to take twin 16 year old girls.  Anyway you are right!  There is tons and tons of paperwork, fingerprinting, background checks, classes to take, assessments in and out of the home.  I felt like we had to give up our first born to care for foster kids…LOL  I am glad we are approaching the end of the journey only to start a new one.  We are just excited and feel very blessed to be a part of giving children who may have no one else in their lives a good christian loving environment to grow up in and be nurtured and loved.  Thanks be to God!


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  1. But of course…….You are my favorite you know…hehe. But I have that Bagley blood in me too you know. I try not to advertise it but it is a fact. LOL Need a girl date? or a movie night?

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