The Joys of Motherhood.

School?  What is that?  That was what my daughter Briana should have been asking by Friday of last week when she came to spend the day with us.  She had been out of school since Monday when the ice covered our area from the same storm that graced it’s horrible presence last week in the Springfield area.  Marceline school went back on Thursday but New Cambria ( where Briana goes) didn’t return until I am assuming today.  However we did get about 7 inches of the powdery white stuff Saturday night but the roads were pretty clear as of 9 pm last night.  If they didn’t have school I would be surprised.

OK, back to my story.  Briana called Thursday night and wanted to come spend the day with her sister and I on Friday.  I was surprised to find they didn’t have school, yet again, and said sure come on over.  I was thinking what ever happened to the good ole days when I had to walk 6 blocks to high school, uphill, in a foot of snow complaining all the while, “they never cancel school.”  Richard and I were talking about the fact that it just doesn’t snow like it used to.  I can remember 5 foot drifts on the corners of our driveway, and building snow forts and having snowball fights back and forth across the streets.  They used to be so big we would dig intricate tunnels throughout it and pretend we were spies.   Talking on walkie talkies, and using sling shots to further propel our snowballs.  We broke a neighbors window, but it was just “Potsie’s” and he was all about kids having fun so he just said to be more careful and then later complained to our parents.  Needless to say  we got in trouble and had to pay for the window out of our allowance.  The point here is that I can only remember one time that we got a whole week off (well 4 days anyway) from school and that was in 1979 when the Lord decided that Brookfield was too busy and wanted to slow it down…….with 18 inches of snow.  It slowed us down alright…….to a screeching halt.  Not much opened for a couple of days, except the radio station, Hardees, and Wal-mart.  It was kind of cool, we lived in the country and I had a couple of girlfriends, Charlene Faulkner, and Renae Moore spending the night and we were snowed in for 3 days.  Man did we have a blast!

Now Kelsey on the other hand has a bunch to complain about where school closings are concerned.  She got up last Tuesday and was all excited about Marceline being out of school for the ice….I said wait a minute.  There is absolutely no snow between the bed and the couch.  You are having school.  Well I got the old “thats not fair” speech and I explained to her that the school kids were missing out by not having school and that she would probably get out sooner than them because she didn’t have any “make-up” days.  This seemed to calm her a little and as the day went on we hurried through school work and she went sledding with all of her “school buds.”

All in all Friday was a blessed day.  My Briana came to see us, My mother came and spent the day with her daughter and granddaughters;  And Richard took me out for a dinner and a movie for my birthday.  Kelsey stayed the weekend with grandma and I actually got some well needed Richard and Jeannie time.

What more could a mother ask for?

God bless.


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