Blog Changes?

OK, here I am again, days between posts. I have been so busy the last few days, and it really wasn’t one of those huge to do list busy…it was more like I was running around in circles not getting anything done

I have spent the last week and this weekend reading blogs and checking out Christian women websites for encouragement. If you want to see what I have been searching…check out the new links and blog rolls on the right side of my blog.

I ran across a couple of very good blogs that have a couple of really neat things I am going to participate in. One is called Rocks In My Dryer, and she hosts a Works For Me Wednesdays (WFMW). It is a group of homeschoolers and moms that post on their blogs, tips for homeschooling, organizing, and basically getting your life together. Most of us can always use organizational tips in our lives. There were 138 posts and I read through most of them and I really got some great tips on organizing clutter. This Wednesday is going to be Love, Sweet Love edition of WFMW.

Also I am considering making some changes in my blog, or starting a new one. I seem to want to write EVERYTHING in this blog and some things just don’t seem to fit. I started this blog to be a way to journal about my life. Well my life has changed drastically since then and I am not sure that it fits. People who read my blog may not want to always hear about homeschooling, and homeschoolers may not want to know about my unending blissful days of daycare headaches and busy schedules, and so on.

I really liked some things I found on other blogs that seem to organize what I want to say. Like:

Menu Mondays – I enjoy getting other meal ideas from others. I get tired of cooking the same thing. She posts her entire week menu on Mondays. This would help my daycare parents to know what I am fixing for their kids.

Tackle it Tuesday – They post before and after pictures of an area of your house you have been meaning to tackle and just can’t get motivated to do.

What Works for Me Wednesdays – already talked about that above.

And so on…… I am going to try this for a while and see what happens. Also I will let you know if I start another blog. I have been checking out homeschoolblogger and like the software, and the presentation. Hopefully I can keep up with both. I will let you all know if I switch.

Well enough of my *rambling*. Be looking for some changes in the blogging. I will still continue to update friends and relatives on our lives through here, I just feel the need to do a separate home-school blog.

On a different note, I want the bloggers that I have added to my sidebar that they give me an uplifting view on everyday life.  I have been reading them now for sometime and I enjoy it greatly.  And I am notifying each of them that I am adding them to my blogroll so they will know individually that I appreciate their writings.


5 thoughts on “Blog Changes?

  1. Thank you for giving me the encouragement that I need while I am fasting, Jeannie…and thank you for wanting to be that Godly wife I need as our Lord opens up the doors into the ministry. I am so proud and honored to have you stand beside me as my loving wife.


  2. Hi
    I am glad you came by to visit. Yes you may add me to your list. If you do start a Homeschooler blog let me know. I have enjoyed the fellowship there and knowing that “random blogging” is safe there.
    It has been fun getting to know you.
    Because of Jesus, Bobbie

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by today and for your encouraging words. I am honored that you want to add me to your blogroll. I’ll be adding you to my bloglines, so I’ll be sure not to miss a post.

  4. Hello – so nice to meet you! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by our place and joining in the fun for Tackle it Tuesday and the blog party.

    You mentioned you had some questions about the blog party. Basically it is just like a carnival. Everyone participating puts up a post (this time the theme will be a “party” so include in your post a bit of “small talk” about yourself. You can add in anything else you want, music, recipes, etc. Whatever puts you in the party mood. Then link th e URL of that post into the Mr. Linky that will go up the first day of the party and then go party hopping!

    If you have more questions, I also wrote a second post answering most of the FAQs. Let me know if you still have questions. 🙂

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