50 Cheap Dates

Shalee over at Shalee’s Diner is hosting a 50 first dates carnival. I thought this was a pretty cool thing because Richard and I are among the working class and the poor when it comes to doing stuff for us so we are always looking for “cheap dates”, so here is my selection.

Three years ago when we had only been married just a month shy of a year, I was just coming off of a very hard stint of back surgery and pain management for that, when we decided to attend a marriage conference. Weekend to Remember sponsored by Family Life was the absolute best thing we could have ever done for our marriage. Everyone was shocked that after being married for only a year we were going to a marriage conference. Let me tell you this conference is not “marriage counseling”. The speakers tell you and more importantly show you, through God’s word, how to have a Godly marriage. I was overwhelmed with the things I learned about submission, faithfulness, love. Those three words have such a different meaning to the world than they do to God. It was a very enlightening weekend for both of us. We have gone every year since.

So at this conference they have tons of books you can buy and there was a sorta *game* for sale called simply romantic nights. It is a box of sealed envelopes 15 for the wife and 15 for the husband that has inexpensive things you can do as a couple. I have chosen one of these to share with you. We usually do some variation of these to fit our lives.


Do you dream of escaping to an exotic place like the Cayman Islands? Since you can’t participate in the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” bring the Cayman Islands to your bedroom (or living room).

Build Anticipation: Four days before you Cayman Island retreat, give you husband a homemade “passport” using a folded piece of paper and one of his old photographs. Give him a fake plane ticket, too, to the Cayman Islands. When he gives you a strange look, tell him, “Friday evening I’m whisking you away to the Caymen Islands. Meet me at the ticket counter in (designated room) at 7p.m. dressed in tropical attire.

Set The Stage: create the feel of the tropics. place two beach towels on the floor. Obtain tropical posters from a travel agent for the walls. WEar a bathing suit and cover-up or even a grass skirt! Play steel drum music or Caribbean music or ocean sounds on your stereo. Serve fresh pineapple or a flavored fruit drink (Raspberry shake reipe below). Put a bottle of coconut scented message oil by the towel.

The Main Event: After collecting his ticket, invite him to lay on the floor with you and listen to the sounds while you give him a massage using the lotion. Well use your emagination for the rest! Then tell him if he’s extra nice to you, maybe someday you will take him to Africa! LOL

Of course if you have children you will have to get them out of the house for the night…that is a given.

Thanks to Shalee for hosting! Go on over to her blog, Shalee’s Diner, and see some more great cheap date ideas.


5 thoughts on “50 Cheap Dates

  1. Oh my lands, Jeannie. This is brilliant! Fun, romance and an adventurous trip away while still at home. I LOVE this idea.

    Thanks for sharing one of the “simply romantic nights” with us. I think I’ll actually be looking for the game as well.

  2. We are going to church…we have a special guest speaker…Dr. Phil’s sister…she and her car were burnt (melted) by acid being dumped from a bridge while she was going on the highway underneath. I’m pretty excited…includes dinner and her testimony on forgiveness. I’ll let you know how it goes!!

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