Today marks the day 10 years ago that I gave birth to my baby. My LAST baby…:( Saturday we took her and a couple of her friends to Kansas City, at Crown Centers Ice Terrace to Ice skate for the first time in her life. I was a bit surprised as to how quick she took to it. After couple of hours she was out in the middle skating with the best of them.

Seven hours later! Yes I said seven hours, we had to make them get off the ice. We left for an hour to eat at the Crayola Cafe in Crown Center and then was right back to the ice. A very good friend of mine met us up there for lunch and watched the girls skate almost all day. She was a real trooper even offering to stay with them while Richard and I ran over to pick a book up at the Cokesbury store that he needed for his upcoming adventure at pastors school in May.

Kelsey’s words: “Mom this was the best birthday ever!” Made my heart melt. And she has had some doosies of a birthday parties, including but not limited to having 22 8 year olds in our living room in tents for a camp-out. THAT was a wild birthday. (when she turned 8).

Anyway here are some pics from her BEST birthday ever:

Happy Birthday to my girly girl.


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