Works For Me Wednesday – sewing patterns

I have a great WFMW tip. I don’t know how many of you all are seamstresses out there, but I have a corner of my dining-room that is my sewing corner. It is always a mess…..

I make doll clothes and sell them on Ebay. Actually it is a very lucrative business. It is the means that I can pay for homeschooling my 10 year old. Notice the little basket on the left side of the table? Well here lies my problem. That is where I kept all my patterns. And no matter how organized I tried to make it the patterns still got mixed up. I tried a filing cabinet for a while and that was too much work. Took too long to look to find the pattern I needed. So I cam up with this really neat idea. You see in almost ever subject that Kelsey has for school……she has to do a notebook for that subject. One day I was sitting watching her work on her time-line book for history and I thought…….wouldn’t that be great if I could notebook all my patterns. But somehow gluing them to paper didn’t seem quite practical. So I cam up with this idea.

I already had them cut out so I just bought page protectors and put each separate pattern into a sleeve and put the pattern envelope inside the front or cut the pictures out and taped them to the outside. Now my basket holds only projects waiting to be done.

This has motivated me to clean up the sewing corner….and the back porch which is where I store all my excess sewing stuff. So don’t be surprised if you see this on Tackle it Tuesday. It may be a whole new transformation!For more great WFMW tips visit Shannon over at Rocks In My Dryer.


3 thoughts on “Works For Me Wednesday – sewing patterns

  1. Fantastic tip! I don’t have many patterns, but the collection is growing with my interest in sewing. So, this will be handy to start now, before it gets out of hand!

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