Lenten Devotion

The Missouri United Methodist Conference has short Lenten devotions on their website which can be streamed or played back as an MP3. My hubby has been blessed to have been able to be one of the persons who gets to deliver his devotion on the first day.

This coming coupled with the fact that he is doing his first Ash Wednesday service tonight, and then preaching for the first time at Sunday morning services, at our home church, TUMC, in Brookfield.

I am so proud of my preacher man! Although I am not looking forward to being without him in May for his week of Pastor’s School….I am glad that he is going to have his dream of becoming a preacher come true.

It is an honor and my privilege to stand beside him as his wife and watch him bring the Gospel of our Lord and Risen Savior to others.

Here is your attaboy baby! I am proud of you!

I love you! From here all the way around to here…….


One thought on “Lenten Devotion

  1. My dad said Richard did a wonderful job that sunday. He was proud to have been there for the lesson, also for family support. Way to go!!

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