I’m Back

A heartfelt apology goes out to my readers. I have had a hard time getting over this flu going around. Man I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. I really don’t have any enemies but if I did I wouldn’t even want them to have it. It is some bad stuff.

So because of it and still running the daycare while having it…I have had a major case of the blogging blahs. I didn’t even feel like sitting here writing. I did however manage to keep up with the reading of my favorite blogs.

My mothers 70th birthday was Thursday. We, (my brothers family and us) took her out to a new place called the Wabash BBQ. It was fabulous! The large amount of food you get for the small amount of money was astounding. It is an old train depot made into this eatery. VERY COOL! Anyway Happy belated birthday from my blog Mommy. When I was 20 I thought 70 was old. But now that I am an adult…well they tell me I am anyway…70 doesn’t seem so old. Of course they say you are only as old as you feel. Some days I feel 42 (which is how old I am) and others I feel like my moms twin. LOL

DH just reminded me we have 10 minutes before walking out the door to his lay missioners class. Guess I better go I just wanted you all to know I was still among the living. Will write more later I promise.


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