A Blessing in Disguise?

As many of you know the Davis household has been going through some of God’s providence in the last few weeks. With the last being our transmission problems. Its explosion (that was the word the mechanic used…exploded) was just a stumbling block in the everyday living of “God’s providence”.

Providence creates an unfolding situation that is exactly what that particular person needs, although not always what he/she may think he/she wants or desires. Providence also makes sure that at certain crucial points the right circumstance provides a spouse or a job or house when needed, often against apparently hostile odds. The world calls this luck. The world is unaware of the way God’s Providence envelopes our lives each and everyday. Providence also creates very difficult circumstances to reveal or dissolve a fixed situation like a unhealthy life or a spiritually dead occupation.

There have been reports all over of things like…people missing a flight and later the plane crashes, they are late for work and come upon a car accident that they may have been involved in…and so on. Do these individuals not think that there is a higher hand in these “blessings in disguise”?

I like to say that a coincidence is a miracle where God chose to remain anonymous. Others say it is a misfortune that unexpectedly turns into good fortune. I personally don’t believe in fortune or “luck”, only in God’s Providence that we must persevere through adversity. I believe it makes us stronger.

I didn’t believe this way after my daughter died 13 years ago. All I could see was that God had taken my daughter and what could He possibly need her for that was more important than what I needed her for. Then I clued into the fact that I didn’t need her…she wasn’t mine to begin with. She was only on loan from God. I was chosen to care for her and be her mother for the brief 5 years she was on earth.

I have persevered through many of God’s Providences in my life. Marrying too young, burying a child, depression, losing my father whom I really didn’t have to begin with, an abusive marriage, the feelings of failing as a parent, and several little things that in the big plan, I am sure God has for my life, don’t seem so big now. I tell myself, after burying a child, what is the small task of dealing with a “exploded” transmission.

My fear of not being able to take the vacation I have so craved for 3 years, to see my baby brother Jerry, (he is really 4 years older than me but he is the youngest of my brothers),  God has once again blessed our lives and it’s starting to look like the funds are going to be replenished, at least partly. Praise God!

Some days I pray to God for my needs. Most days I forget to tell Him how good He is, how much I love Him, and how much all I want to do is praise Him, and tell of His excellent greatness.

Reminds me of one of my favorite songs…

Lord I lift Your Name on high. Lord I love to sing Your praises. I’m so glad Your in my life. I so glad You came to save us. You came from heaven to earth to show the way. From the earth to the cross, my debt to pay. From the cross to the grave, from the grave to the sky, Lord I lift Your Name on high.

Have you told God you love Him today and that you are thankful for His providence?


One thought on “A Blessing in Disguise?

  1. I don’t think I’ve said it in such words as these, but I do thank him for his direction in my life. He does bless me more than I could dream possible and he’s using me in ways that I never imagined being used.

    Excellent post, Jeannie.

    BTW, send me your email address and I’ll send my questions to you.

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