And yes I am shouting.  My last post stated it was going to be a long week.  And that it was.  I will never be able to put into words how much I missed Richard.  I think all of my readers know how much I love him and how blessed I feel to have him in my life.  He is my earthly rock.

That being said… I never really knew how much I depended on him around the house for little things until he was missing from the equation for a week.  For example:

  • We wore all of our clothes wrinkled (Richard does all the ironing and I am a “if the fluff cycle doesn’t get the wrinkles out they are supposed to be there” kinda girl)
  • The trash can got emptied only when things were falling off of the top of it and caused the kitchen floor to have to be mopped.
  • Eating out by yourself with 4 kids, (2 of which are 1 year old) is no fun
  • My computer had a couple of glitches that for the first time in 4 years I had to actually figure out what the problem was by myself.
  • Bedtime routines become obsolete.
  • Running the lights, movie, sound system, and laptop, and starting the digital tape all at the same time at church is hard without help.
  • COOKING is now labeled a chore in our house. (Richard always helps with this)
  • Sleeping by yourself no matter how much room it allows you to have is almost impossible.

Just to name a few.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder… Well all it did to me was made me depressed and a big ball bag and whiny baby.  I am glad the week is over and now we can get back into the routine of our house and serving the Lord.  He will have a small charge of 2-3 churches and have to meet the demands of more than one congregation.  It is an exciting time in our lives and we strive only to please God in our endeavors.

And back to the routine means now that he is a Local Licensed Pastor, we have to make a new routine.  We are beginning to embark on a whole new life in terms of serving the Lord.  I am glad to do it and a little scared in the process.  I feel the heat from the sun through the magnifying glass already.  Can I live up to God’s expectations of being a pastors wife?  Can I live up to Richard’s?  I think I am more worried about my own expectations and not measuring up.  I know God and Richard expect only my best… but as those of you that know me I ALWAYS think my best isn’t good enough.

More later on the appointment when we actually know where and when.  Things are still up in the air with the specifics.  As soon as we know you will know.


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