I’m Here

OK so it has been more than a few days…(19 to be exact)…But let me tell you I have been one busy farm girl.

I have the house completely unpacked. I am amazed at how much I have gotten done when I actually stay off the computer. LOL

So what have I been up to besides unpacking? Enjoying life. I can’t believe how relaxed I have been since moving out into the land of the unknown. We were outside the other day and we actually had a couple drive up on a 4-wheeler and introduced themselves as our neighbors. I said “We have neighbors? Cool!” Our house sits on top of a hill and we can’t see any houses anywhere around us. It is so peaceful out here and other than the dog Cody, (thanks to the Fuhrhops) all we hear are unfamiliar sounds of nature.

We also have the occasional frequent semi’s that travel the blacktop out in front of our house back and forth from Premium Standard Farms in Milan (about 12 miles away) carrying hogs from the holding facility about 4 miles up the road. Not really sure if Cody is going to have fun with them or not. Right now we have him tied in the side yard and he barely raises his head to notice them. We are going to keep him tied for a week or so with the hopes of when we eventually let him run loose that he won’t run off.

Now the cat we have recently acquired is a different story. She has been a town cat all of her life and we transported her out here in a box which she hated us for just loved and enjoyed the ride. When our daughter opened the box, she took off for the woods and promptly stayed there until dark. She came out of the woods to eat and then promptly back to the woods. Haven’t seen her all day but I am sure she will show up for food sometime this evening. She will adjust….we hope. She will be joined by 2 kittens on Sunday. I am sure they won’t venture far as they are only 8 weeks old. Food is still the most important thing for them.

I am going to have to get a hold of my good friend Jennifer Allen and find out what I have to do to get some chickens on the place. Wouldn’t it be cool to gather eggs every morning to cook for breakfast. I am pretty sure we will have to repair the existing chicken coop as it has a weather made back door for the coyotes. I hear they like chicken as a delicacy!

So the pool is set up, trampoline together, and the house is all arranged. So now the adventure of farm life starts. I can’t wait to have a garden in the spring and the kids help and can beans, corn, and other veggies. Also we want to have cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, and watermelon! LOTS and LOTS of watermelon! Oh the farm life. I am relaxed and seem to be a lot more stress free…can ya tell?

We have been having friends out for BB Q’s and have hopes of making it through the congregations of both churches for families over for dinner. Speaking of congregations, we absolutely love the church families of both Bear Branch and Purdin UMC’s. They have both been very loving and welcoming. I can’t wait to be a part of building their churches and ministering not only to them but WITH them to reach out to others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Well I guess that is enough rambling for now. Again I apologize about it being so long. I guess I was just enjoying the peace and quiet while hubby was getting very frustrated about the Internet service being intermittent. 🙂 That is my hubby for ya.

God bless and I promise it won’t be as long between posts again. 🙂


4 thoughts on “I’m Here

  1. How’s it going country girl? I wish we could have gotten together while we were home, but it was hard with all the family in for Grandpa’s funeral. I felt that I needed to spend time with them.

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