Update on the Davis Family

I was wondering if there was even a way to update you.  So much has happened in the last few weeks that I don’t know where to begin or how I could fit it into a post.  So here is the Reader’s Digest version:

Two weeks ago we welcomed a sibling group of 3 into our family.  Two girls, 12 and 8 and a boy 11.  The most positive thing I can say about the brief stay of one week they had with us was that it was just that…only a week.  I think we experienced our first stumbling block as foster parents.  These kids had been taught to lie and taught well.  They were very used to getting what they wanted, when they wanted, and how they wanted it.  The 8 year old girl ripped wallpaper off the bathroom walls.  The boy emptied a bottle of propane (thank God he didn’t know where the matches were).  The oldest stole some items from us when they left.  All of this I could have dealt with but it was the names they called us to our daughter that I couldn’t handle.  We have always said that if being foster parents made Kelsey’s life change we wouldn’t do it.  We want to maintain the relationship intact with her.  Even though we treat our foster kids the same as if they were our own…we still want Kelsey to feel a sense of being special.

Then last Friday we got a phone call and took in a little 11 year old girl.  Of course as you know I can’t give you names or details, but know that this little girl needs prayers and lots of them.  She has been through a lot (as most of them have) and needs to have a sense of what a real family is like.  I hope and pray with God’s help we can provide that for her.

Outside of the foster parent world…we have been having a wonderful time at the churches that Richard has been assigned to.  Each Sunday we have been having parishioners over for dinner.  This past week we had Ron and Jan Miller, and Mike and Aneta Patterson.  I fixed the only Japanese meal I know how to make.  Teriyaki Beef, Vegetable Stiry Fry, Shuma, California Rolls (compliments of my full blooded Japanese mother-in-law), Rice, and Japanese Cabbage.  All thought the meal was great.  I am not sure I could cook  Japanese meals all the time.  It is very time consuming.  But I have a wonderful husband who happens to be a fabulous cook and a great help in the kitchen.  We had some wonderful table discussion about different topics in today’s society.  It is nice to be able to have dinners like this to get to know each of the families in our churches on a more intimate basis.  When you only see them once a week it is hard to get to know them.  Richard and I decided to do this early on to give us a more in-depth relationship with each and every one of them.  It may take us a few months to get through all of them, but that is the plan anyway.

School is going good for Kelsey and I.  She doesn’t think her teacher is so mean this year.  LOL.  We are really having fun.  Every subject we are studying has biblical influence in it. In History, we are working with “The Mystery of History“.  It is written from a biblical perspective and by a woman proclaiming Jesus as her personal Savior.  I was impressed the very first time I saw it.  The same with Science.  The book is titled “Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day”, by Apologia.  She has a Math class, which we are using Saxon Math.  I needed a clear cut math text because I am not very good at math.  (Dad is the math whiz)  Bible Study, Spelling, Language, and her personal favorite, the extracurricular classes, which include: sewing, cooking, computers, and scrapbooking.  I save them for the end of the day to make sure she gets all of her other work done.  I will take pictures of the room we have set up for school soon and post them here.

Well that is about it for now.  To the outside our lives seem busy.  To us we are just doing exactly what we want to be doing…spreading the good news of salvation.


One thought on “Update on the Davis Family

  1. Jeannie,
    I just wanted to let you and Richard know that we miss you guys(especially Kelsey!!!)and you are in our prayers. Being a spouse of a pastor has it’s own uniqueness and then they also have a fulltime job. I think having parishioners over for dinner is a wonderful idea. In Christ’s Love, Gina

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