Cute Pictures!

Ok I am supposed to wait another 22 days (Ima’s 18th birthday) before I post these pictures, but I have waited 6 months already! I asked Ima’s permission to post these pictures of her and Catlynn, (and the rest of us) and she gladly gave it so here they are. She has been with us for 6 months and the two of them have brought us great joy!

There wasn’t anyone there to hold up a little birdie saying look at the camera Cat.

Ok. So maybe Kelsey needed a birdie too!

Sisterly Love. For the moment anyway.

The newest editions to our family! Ima (mommie) and Catlynn (her daughter).

Catlynn Loves her Aunt Kelsey!


I wonder if I touch them if they will blow up?

Me and the Preacher Man.


4 thoughts on “Cute Pictures!

  1. hey thanks I needed something to scare the mice away. hehehehhe
    Love your older, better looking, smarter, brother

  2. Hi, I just can’t tell which picture of Richard was from high school and which one is now. LOL. But the rest of the pictures were great. I am so happy for you and so glad you are a much happier person now.
    Love ya like a sis,

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