Romance Contest!

I ran across this blog the other day and have enjoyed reading it a great deal. It is called
Multi-tasking Moms. Yesterday I read about a wonderful contest Melissa is sponsoring to receive this wonderful necklace and ear rings from Susan over at bead-attitude.

The only requirement is that we post on our blog about a romantic tid bit and some advice from our marriage. Well anyone who knows me and my hubby knows that is not hard at all for me to do. Ima says we are “Cheesy”, Kelsey calls us “cute” and anyone who sees us holding hands in public “at our age” says “get a room”.

As for tips: The only tip I have that is worth while is this…

Keep God the at the head of your marriage. Don’t ever trust your spouse but trust the Jesus in them. If I expected Richard to trust me to not fail him I would disappoint him greatly. However he can depend on the Jesus in me to not disappoint him or to never fail him. The only other thing I can say is that if you are in the midst of turmoil in your marriage, instead of praying for your spouse to understand you more, pray for God to change you to help your spouse understand. Every time I have prayed for God to change Richard to make a situation more meaningful, it seems to me that God gives me the infamous “wait” or “no” answers. However when I pray that he change me to help my husband to understand, the answer is always “yes” and very rewarding.

Now for the romantic adventure: Not sure if this was supposed to be planned by me or him or both so here goes…

We have never NOT had kids. We were married with children. Him 5 boys and me 3 girls. We also always have kids from the neighborhood around and recently (7 months ago) became foster parents. So we didn’t have the opportunity for romance BEFORE the kids came, we have always had to steal moments here and there. In fact our first date we took 5 kids to see Finding Nemo. We do try to take a weekend trip about every other month to have time for each other. Sometimes it involves taking the kids to grandma’s and coming back to a quiet house, but even that is a treat!

When we were first married, I sent Richard to take the kids to Grandma’s for the night and upon his return he found a trail of lit candles leading from the front door through the house leading to the master bathroom where I was waiting with a bubble bath in the jacuzzi tub. We sat and listened to music (and yes our “cheesy” music from the 70’s and 80’s) and talked. It was one of the best “quiet” times we had since our 5 days we spent on the beach in Florida on our honeymoon.

On our first anniversary, I thought I was surprising Richard with an evening of dancing at the Walt Disney Barn in Marceline and Wine (sparkling grape juice) and cheese and crackers inside the barn. I had left his suit laying on the bed for when he got home and a note saying put this on and come to where dreams are made under a big tree. I was waiting in my wedding dress (yes it still fit!) and we danced and had dinner. Then to my surprise he had set up a night at the Uptown Bed and Breakfast. Complete with our anniversary cake on the table in the dining room, candles, and a special little stuffed Eeyore and Piglet on the bed with a single rose. I was shocked! It was a great ending to the first year and a wonderful beginning to a second.


I could go on and on about things that Richard has done for me in the romance department. The most important and greatest thing he has done is being the spiritual leader of this house. I have never had anyone in my life take care of me the way he does, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally. Sorry ladies he is taken and and he is mine forever. 🙂

Head on over to Multi Tasking Moms and check out the other great romance tips. Enter to win the contest if you are so inclined.


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