Happy Birthday to my Baby……Happy Birthday to you!

Forty five years ago my wonderful knight in shining armor was born.  I am convinced he was sent here by God to rescue me.  I wasn’t in a tall tower, or stranded out on the ocean or ship wrecked on a beach, but I was lost in the world.  I didn’t think that I was worth loving or even worth being alive.  Then Richard came back into my life and showed me what the true meaning of love was.  He showed me that you have to have a relationship with Jesus before you can grow in any aspect of your life.

He was always there for me in high school supporting me and loving me.  He often rescued me from a demanding world, and made me feel special.  His love has touched me so deeply that I really can’t find any words to express the love I feel for him.  He has made my life complete and whole.

Now with that being said…what would a birthday be without a little embarrassment?  So baby here it is!  This is what my knight looked like when I met him.  Kinda geeky huh? Just ask him he will tell you.  He was a major geek in high school.  But I fell in love with him and have loved him my whole life.

Isn’t he a hotty!

 Thank you baby, for loving me for who I am and thank you for being there for me.  Happy birthday my knight!  I am so proud of you and honored to stand beside you and call you my husband.

I will do him the honor, and show you a picture now of my “Preacher Man”…t0day.


That’s My Baby!!







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