Back among the living!

Ok I realize it has been exactly 2 months since my last post…but let me tell you I almost forgot what it was like to breathe much lest post on my blog. So a few updates on the Davis household.

  • We had a wonderful Christmas, filled with joy in celebrating the birthday of the Christ Child. We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and hung a cake ornament on our tree with His name on it. My whole family (well practically the whole family…23 of them) were at the parsonage for dinner. We sat around 3 huge tables put together and ate family style, passing dishes around the table like a family was supposed to. Everyone seemed a little bewildered about this but they soon caught on. LOL
  • In November, one of our foster children left and we had a very quite month. It was a welcomed break and I got quite a few things around the house done. Bedrooms changed around, the kitchen got a face lift, and I got caught up on my crocheting and reading.
  • The end of December in the realm of all things being equal…we got 3 more additions to our home. They are very cute kids and are up for adoption. We have discussed this option and have decided that we aren’t able to accommodate them all three at this time. They will be 3 little ones that are going to be hard to let leave the house when the time comes. If anyone is interested in adding these three beautiful children to your family, The are girl 8, boy 7, and girl 4, email me for pics and more information. They are wonderful children that have just been dealt a bad hand.
  • School is back underway with Kelsey. We have done some cleaning of the school room and reorganizing. Not sure we like the new floor plan yet but we are not moving it again till the end of the year. LOL (yea right, those of you that know me know I LOVE to move furniture)
  • Richard has been appointed a third church to the parish. This comes along with the retirement of Byron Byrd from Pleasant Grove UMC. Three churches, three sermons, three services, and more people to call our family. We sent out 260 Christmas cards this year. It is a pretty safe bet that those numbers will go up next year. Next year I think I will do address labels, at least for our return address. My arm was cramping pretty bad after addressing all the envelopes. But what a joy it was to get comments and returned cards from some of the parishioners that we haven’t even had the opportunity to meet.
  • Oldest daughter Briana, lives with her father, and continues to do well in school receiving very excellent marks on her report card. WAY TO GO B!!! Hard to believe she is a sophomore this year! Her and Andrew continue to be an item. I really like him. He seems like a good guy.
    • We finally acquired a second vehicle. It is a little S10 pick-up and Richard is driving it back and forth to work so I can have the van for hauling the 5,000 6 children that live in our house around. Isn’t he a great guy!!
    • Ima and Catlynn continue to live with us and are we are both proud and feel privileged to have them a part of our family. Catlynn is continuing to grow like a weed and keeps her “Nanna” on her toes. Ima has a friend who happens to be a “boy” and Richard and I informed her that he passed the test of being grilled by her parents. He came out for supper the other night and Richard and I asked him lots of questions and he never seemed bothered by any of them. (including Richard asking about his spiritual life)

    So there you have the important updates anyway. Sorry for the absence in the blogging world but I finally sat down to breathe and write a few things. I hope things are back to normal so I will have time to write more. Did someone say normal? What is that?

    God Bless!


    2 thoughts on “Back among the living!

    1. I saw your post while at work and wanted to say good luck in all you do. I know how hard it can be with such a large family. I am from a family of 13. Take care. 🙂

    2. And again I love you and I do love being homeschooled but then again I get second thoughts but I think if I really went back to public school I would hate it so at home I stay! YAY

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