43 years ago today….

My mother gave birth to her 4th child.  After having 3 boys it must have been a welcomed sound for the Dr. to say “It’s a girl!”

With all the ups and downs of a mother/daughter relationship, ours has stood the test of times and we have remained close to each other not only in miles but in feelings.  Now that I am older I appreciate  my birth and my mothers raising of me alone more and more each day.  She sacrificed alot to bring me up to be the person I am today.

And just who am I you ask?

I am a person who…

  • Is a child of God who for some reason loves me no matter what.  Every time I fail Him he just reaches down and picks me up and says “welcome home My child, I am here for you”.
  • Loves the Lord with all her mind, soul, strength, and body, and strives everyday to grow closer to Him and learn to trust in Him without fail.
  • Is finally happy in a marriage that I can share my desires of knowing and walking with the Lord daily.  I could not have asked for a better choice from God for the gift he gave me in my husband Richard.  He is a true man of God, who’s only desire is to preach the Gospel to lead other to Christ.
  • A mother to 13+ children (all step and foster kids included) who I would lay down my life for any one of them.  They are all beautiful children and I praise God everyday that each and every one of them have come into my life and left footprints on my heart.
  • A teacher to my daughter Kelsey.  We enjoy homeschooling so much.  We spend the day together hashing out math and other subjects that aren’t on OUR priority list.  LOL  But nonetheless we get them done.
  • A Nanna to this beautiful child:
  •  A daughter to the most wonderful mom in the world.  I never used to think about my mother “NOT” being here, but the older I get the more I worry that one day I will have to fight through this life without her.  Without her voice on the other end of the phone saying “it will get better”, or her smile when I get stressed out and her telling me a funny story about her and her best friends used to pile a ton of kids in our station wagon, with no seat belts, and no car seats and travel to a different state to be a part of one of the adventures.
  • Finally, but first and foremost, I am Gods’, who is a sinner but saved by the Grace of God and will one day be in heaven to bask in His glory.
Praise be to God for all He has given to me in the last 43 years.  I am undeserving of His love and of His providence, but for some unfathomable reason He still pours out His love on me and continues to bless me and my family.
I can truly say this is one of the best birthdays I have had because of where I am in my walk with Jesus.  I hope others see that in me and want to have the same.

5 thoughts on “43 years ago today….

  1. I am thankful and so blessed that God has allowed me to be your husband, Jeannie. Your walk with the Lord helps me in my daily struggles as I serve Him. I love you, my previous angel. Thanks for being there as my friend, lover, soulmate, and wife. 🙂

  2. I love you very much to. You are right, we have been through thick and thin, right or wrong! My kids are my whole world and I have to stop because you made me cry,

  3. Mommie I do enjoy homeschooling with you and yes Caltynn is a joy to our lives and
    Ima too
    Even though we don’t quite always get my math we work through it happy 43rd birthday!!

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