Home at last!

Well we have actually been home for a week, and if you have been reading my hubby’s blog you would know that. This is actually the first day I have had to sit and answer emails, and post on my blog about our trip. We could not have asked for more from God. We had beautiful weather, wonderful sites to see, and the kids were fantastic. Yes even our two year old rode the whole trip and was very good.

Over the next few days I am going to post some pictures from the trip so you can see the sites that we saw, however, I must say, pictures do not do them justice. The sites that God allowed us to see we just a small part of His magnificent beauty. Richard and I stood, looking out over the Grand Canyon and marveled at the idea of how small we actually are in this huge vast world that God created for not only because it pleased Him to do so, but also for our enjoyment. Even as long ago as the Grand Canyon was created, He knew we would one day be standing there looking at it. Here are a few of the pictures that we took of it.

God is good!!!

My brother Jerry and Richard

Then we started our trip home via route 66. Talk about an adventure. We made our way back through the petrified forest and the painted desert.

We made our way through Oatman, AZ and fed the wild burrows. Oatman used to be a gold mining town and they used the burrows to pack stuff in and out of the mine. When the mine closed, they just took the halters off and turned them loose in the mountains. They made there way down the mountain to Oatman where tourist can buy bags of carrots and feed them. One store owner made the comment she thought they had bottemless stomachs because they get carrots in by the truck load and they always eat them.

I will share more pictures and stories tonight and tomorrow. Kiddos are calling for me and Hubby will be home for supper soon. Be back later to share more.


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