Day 2 of 100….

Here it is 9:30 at night and I almost forgot about the 2nd day already. LOL See Cindy you thought I wouldn’t make it!

Continuing on with our trip…. I had to tell you about something that we found really amusing. We drove away from Cadillac Ranch and stopped off on an exit ramp to get some gas and drove by a sign that said “Bug Ranch”. When we looked beyond the sign, this is what we saw…..

As you can see our amusement at the “Bugs” buried into the ground, mocking the famous Cadillac Ranch. We had to stop and take pictures. We were out of paint so we couldn’t leave our scripture mark behind but we enjoyed the stop anyway.

Another amusing stop we made was in Seligman, Arizona for dinner. We ate at the Road Kill Cafe, where the names of the dishes are, well lets just say, something left to be desired. Varmint Vittles (chicken wings), Fender Tenders (chicken strips), Rack of Raccoon (slab of ribs). Angellica, my niece, had Opossum Blossom (chilli cheese fries), Ima had Muck of Duck, Smushed by a Truck, (resembled a chicken wrap), Kelsey had the Fender Tenders, Richard had the Dead Spread, (all you can eat soup and salad bar, and I ordered Road Side Remnants (popcorn shrimp). We got a kick out of it and it was one of many authentic route 66 diners. Here are a few pics.

More on our trip tomorrow…


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