Oatman, Arizona…Wild Burrows…and Ice Cream

What do these three things have to do with each other?  We drove through a very winding road through the Black Mountains in AZ, not to be confused with the Black Hills in SD, that looked something like this…

To get to Oatman, AZ.  It was a frightening road that had 1000 ft or so drop offs.  We kept seeing signs that said NO TRAILERS, TRUCKS LONGER THAN 30 FT, OR CAMPERS.  After driving about 4 miles we understood why.  Some of the turns were hairpin to say the least.  So anyway back to the reason we drove down this road (other than it was part of Old Route 66 that we were taking all the way back to MO.).  We arrived in a town called Oatman.  This is a very quaint little town with gift shops, souvenir shops and lots and lots of bags of carrots sitting around.  The reason for the carrots you might ask?  This is why…

This town used to be a big gold mining town.  They used the burrows to pack stuff in and out of the mines.  When the mine shut down, they just took the halters and pack saddles off and let them go in the mountains.  With food being scarce in near desert conditions, they made there way down to the town looking for food.  The towns people felt sorry for them and started feeding them.  The merchants now sell bags of carrots for $1.00 and the tourists feed the burrows.  The kids had a blast here.

Then we ventured into the ice cream shop for a snack.  Hence the third part of the title.  It was really good ice cream and then we made our way down the rest of the mountain to continue on with our route 66 trip.

This is my 3rd day of blogging for 100 days straight.  Maybe if I work this right I can tell about our trip for the first 1/2.  LOL  No really I promise I will get past the trip soon.  I just have so much to share with family and friends waiting on the report of our trip that here is the easiest way to do it.


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