Cindy, You asked for it!

Ok I know you all always read my posts where I make reference to a woman named Cindy.  I grew up with her, most of the time babysitting her.  I spent many many days and nights at her parents home.  She is 5 years younger than me and we were always like sisters in later years.  We even had one of our children within a few weeks of each other.  Anyhow, she is ALWAYS ragging on me about posting in my blog.  She now lives out of state and we rarely get to see one another and she says mine and DH’s blog is the only way she has of keeping up with the family.  Which brings me to the wonderful experience of how she got to eventually call me Aunt Jean, which I continually remind her that I am ONLY 5 years older than her.  My mother married her grandfather, making her dad and I, who happens to be like a 2nd father to me, my step brother.  We joked about it all the time that they would kidnap me all the time from my parents and keep me for days on end until my mom would come get me.  So being the nice aunt that I am I was trying to figure out a way to get back at honor our relationship.  Thought I would introduce her proper.

To everyone that reads my blog, This is Cindy…(on the right, unfortunately I am on the left)

Love ya Cindy!


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