My Niece Agellica…What a sweetheart

Richard thought it was pretty special that he got to do his first baptism this spring.  Not only was it his first but it was his daughter Ima.  When she first came to us, over a year ago, she didn’t want anything to do with God and church.  Last November she walked forward at church and gave her life to God and was baptized this past Spring.  We joke that we have created a monster in her because she now preaches to all of her friends about God’s amazing grace and his love.

Which brings me to my Niece Angellica.  She surprised her Uncle Richard the other day by saying she had given her life to God a few years ago but had never been baptized and wanted to know if before she goes home if he would baptize her.  His heart was overjoyed.  He really thinks alot of Angellica, and he is proud and honored that she would ask him to do this.

So this Sunday at 1:00 p.m., at the Trinity Fellowship Center, Angellica Capri Bagley will make a public profession of her commitment to Jesus.  She wants to let the world know that she wants to live with and for him eternally in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Praise be to God!


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