Family fun tomorrow!!

Tomorrow we are taking the kids HERE.  They are finally in bed and ready for a day of excitement at this small but very neat water park.  It doesn’t compare with Ocean’s of Fun in Kansas City in size, however it does compare in fun.  They have a wave pool with huge waves, 4 water slides, a lazy river, pools, kiddie area, and a ride that is called the space bowl, but my kids refer to it as the toilet bowl because that is what it looks like.  You climb up this huge set of spiral stairs and then launch yourself down a enclosed tube into a huge bowl and you spin around and around before dropping into a pool of water at the bottom.  They say it is just like a toilet when you flush it.  Gives a whole new meaning to giving a kid a swirly…LOL.

Will take some pics and post tomorrow night.


2 thoughts on “Family fun tomorrow!!

  1. Sounds like fun…we just got home from Frontier City (Six Flags) in OKC. I think Grandpa and your mom went to Mark Twain’s Landing…Grandpa went on his first waterslide. Pretty exciting for him!! Have fun!!!

  2. Yes he did. I remember going down the slide because the kids dared him to. He said well they double dog dared me to. Where I was raised you can’t turn a double dog dare down, so I have to. TOO FUNNY. He was a good man. I have been blessed to have 3 wonderful fathers in my adult life. Walter, Leo and now Willie. Praise God!

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