School, School, School

I feel like I have gone back to school myself.  I am in the midst of working up Kelsey’s lesson plans for the entire year.  Here are the classes that are shaping up for her school year.

Saxon Math 6th grade

Bible Study


Apologia Science

Mystery of History 2 The early church to Middle Ages


It has been a busy week around here trying to get set for homeschooling.  Tonight our school district held what they called a School Supply Drive.  They accepted donations from businesses and individuals to purchase school supplies.  Parents were allowed to go into the school lunchroom tonight between the hours of 6-8 and pick up school supplies that were on the list.  This was a huge help to me having 4 kids in public school.  The elementary school principal also wanted me to get school supplies for Kelsey whom I home school. I told her thank you but we had what we needed for her.  She was almost insistent on getting things for her.  “She is in the school district also and if she needs anything you can take it for her”  They were kind enough to let Kelsey play basketball with the 6th graders last year and hopefully she will get to play this year.

Well off to bed.  I have math completely mapped out and going to work on History tomorrow.  It should be easier than math…..I hate math.  Good thing Richard is a math wiz.  He tutors me at night before I teach her the lesson the next day.  LOL


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