Alone Time? Is that even possible?

I called a friend tonight and asked her if she wanted to swap some babysitting out and watch some kiddos for me tomorrow.  I had some place I needed to go that required no children to be with me.  What could I have to do that is so important that required absolutely NO children you ask?

It’s simple.  ALONE TIME!  I didn’t think in the world of Jeannie that even existed anymore but apparently this particular mom who has 3 small kids of her own knows what I am talking about.  She jumped at the chance to say yes to my proposal knowing I would return the favor for her.  I am going to town to grocery shop, get gas, go to the bank, and maybe even have lunch alone with my husband.  That is almost unheard of in this stage of my life.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love my children deeply.  I would lay down my life for them.  But sometimes a mom just needs to NOT be a mom for a short period of time to survive the chaos of being a mom.  Now some of those super moms, like Michelle Duggar, who just announced the coming of their 18th child would say “Children are a blessing from God and how could you be tired of being around your children.  What they fail to tell you is that they have older children that after a baby is weened, one of the older children is “in charge” of them.  When you have children that range in age from 9 months to 20 years of age, it is easy to “put someone in charge”.

Especially being a foster parent and caring for behavioral children, 2 of my 5 foster children are, it is hard to give yourself or even your husband and other children the attention they need.  Pretty soon you start feeling neglected and you start neglecting God.  I find it hard sometimes to even find time to do my Bible study or prayer time.  I used to be able to say “the next hour I am not to be disturbed”, and they would abide by that.  Now I say that and it is like a challenge for my kids to see who can say mom the most times in that hour.

So Monday is the only day I have nothing going on.  Tuesday 5 of my 6 children have dentist appointments.  Wednesday I have to take 2 children to Columbia for Doctors appointments and pick up a load of things at Sams Club for the Ice cream social at Pleasant Grove UMC Sat. Thursday 4 children have other doctors appointments.  Friday Richard and I have a foster parent meeting.  So I decided to take Monday to myself and I am going to spend some time doing mundane errands and things that have to be done but…………I am doing them ALONE!


One thought on “Alone Time? Is that even possible?

  1. Enjoy your alone time…I know exactly where you are coming from! I love having the boys here all summer but, I am so used to being able to have some peace and quiet!! I look forward to my drives to and from school so I can have that quiet time. Somedays I just turn off the radio and just enjoy the view from God.

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