Trying to keep up

Ok so it has been exactly 1 month and 2 days since I have blogged.  Let me tell you I have tons of stuff to blog about just no time to do it in.  Let me see if I can update you.  I doubt that it will be a short post so bear with me.

Ok first of all I am going to try to do the 100 days of blogging again.  Had I known my life was going to get so busy at that time I would not have tried to take that challenge on at that time.  I am sorry Cindy but once again I fell short.  😦  I will try to do better. 🙂

So school started the end of August for the kids. They were thrilled to get back to school. I was VERY thrilled to get them back to school.  Our oldest, dfd #1 Ima, is finding out what it is like to be a full time student thinking about college and trying to buckle down on her studies plus try to raise a child.  Catlynn is really growing.  We are potty training her now and she started daycare school the last week of August.  She adores school and everyone there adores her.  She doesn’t like it when we say “Catlynn are you ready to go to daycare?”  She would prefer we say SCHOOL.  She likes it that mommy goes to school and she gets to go to school.  She is so cute and we are blessed to be a part of her life.  I was a little frazzled about being a grandma at first but then the Nanna and Pappa words really grew on us and we would have it no other way.

Briana, my oldest daughter, continues to be a straight A student and has really grown into quite a young lady.  I am very proud of her for the ambition she has in life to enter nursing.  She has a compassion for people and will excel in this field.

Kelsey continues to be home schooled, and loves it.  She is now in the process of setting up her Science Museum in our office, which consists of an aquarium full of bugs!  YUK!  Richard routinely catches crickets to feed the frogs in this very cool but small Eco system.  Currently present there are 2 Praying Mantis, 2 toads, 1 frog, several grasshoppers, (which only survive because they are too big for the frogs to eat), several crickets, and 3 fuzzy worms.  She has sent out letters to the family introducing the museum and mailing free admission tickets.  How cute is that!

Dfd #2 is in Kindergarten.  Faith is enjoying Kindergarten more than preschool.  She still wants to be the boss but some of the kids set her straight.  She has learned to tie her shoes recently and drives us all crazy with mommy, daddy, watch I can tie my shoes.  🙂  She is intrigued by 4 new kittens that our cat had recently.  It has been kind of hard to make her understand that like the times before if she touches them or looks at them for a few weeks, mamma will move them and then something will find them and kill them.  She is struggling with this, but so far has abided by the rules.  She is very excited about the fact that we are closer to a forever family for her and can’t wait to meet her new mommy and daddy.

Dfd #3 is in Third grade.  Haley is our little miss priss.  She likes her hair to be just right, and her clothes to be just right, and her ducks all in a row.  It is kind of hard for me to believe that as prissy as she is that she can’t stand to make her bed.  LOL.  I guess that is just a kid thing though.  She has a best friend that she is going to miss terribly when she goes to live with her forever family.  But she makes new friends quickly.

Dfs #1 is in the 2nd grade.  Warren is all boy!  I have a hard time keeping up with him.  I don’t feel I am an effective “boy mom” I do girls pretty well but boys just confuse me.  I know girls are moody but boys are just temperamental.  Almost as bad as girls not getting their way.  The girls cry and whine but the boys try to take things into their own hands.  Warren too is excited about finding a forever family.  He wants to know his place in this world is a permanent one.

As far as everyone else, Jordan and Jon hopefully are coming from Ohio for a visit this Christmas.  We have had some unsettling news about their grandmothers health, so they are going to try to make a visit for Christmas to see all of us.  Please hold Richard’s mom up in your prayers.  She is beginning a journey that will prove to be a long and hard one I am sure.

Which brings us to the first week of September.  We had an awesome revival for Jesus in North Missouri.  Bear Branch UMC, one of the churches Richard serves at, hosted a north Missouri area wide tent revival.  That is right!  A Baptist tent revival at a Methodist church.  It was a true blessing to all who attended.  This was an inter-denominational five-day session of preaching, worship, and seeking God’s face. Rev. Ron Adrian from Freedom Baptist Church in Brookfield, along with my husband Richard, conducted the revival. Our theme was “Revive Us Again!” and we delved into how to revive our hearts, minds, souls, nation, and churches.  We sent out over 200 letters to churches and ministries in the northern Missouri area to try and get everyone together in prayer and presence for the revival, and Jesus was proclaimed and the Word of God was preached and we had a wonderful time.  A very tiring week indeed but well worth the effort.

A week later now we are starting to recuperate a little and getting our bearings back.  So now maybe I will have time to blog some and get a little more organized.  I have to paint the bathroom still and hope to get it done tomorrow.  I have a renewed spirit and a new zeal for God like I have never had before.  Praise be to God who gives us the victory through Jesus Christ!


4 thoughts on “Trying to keep up

  1. Oh Jeannie… Your mom sent this to the Chatty club, and I’m so so glad she did!! i’ve missed you! You are such a bright light in our world!

    Love to read your “news”..and share in the wonderful things going on 🙂 Please know I’m delighted to hear from you, and you are all in my prayers, Richards’ Mom included. Huggs for now, and, looking forward to another “visit” your Chatty friend, Sue 😉

  2. I am so glad I found your blog. Sounds like there is lots going on at your home…what a wonderful blessing children are! 🙂 We too have a busy home and family. I would love someday to foster so I look forward to reading your blog more in the future.

  3. Hi Jeannie! I found your blog on the CWO Blog Roll. What a wonderful family you have! I really admire your love & care for foster kids!

    I’ve enjoyed readig and I’ll be back again soon.


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