My Life with You…

I was sitting here during Discipleship tonight, watching my husband talk about his passion that he has for preaching the Word of God, and hoping that people get that it is not about him.  He has always given the glory to God and will continue to humble himself in this way until the day he dies.  I am so proud of him and who he has become in the Lord.

I wanted to share something that I came across in a file the other day and it made me cry as much as it did the first time I read it.  Here it is…

There was a time…long ago…when the sight of your eyes captured my heart.  From across a hallway I stood, mesmerized by the glow of your eyes…your skin…your hair.

And I knew that I was in love.

I tried in vain to let you know how I felt about you, my precious Jeannie.

From holding you close on the dance floors of the Cedar Cinema;  both of us clinging to each other like we were the life rafts of each others souls in the midst of life’s storms…

To barging in the girl’s bathroom when you were crying, dismayed at the thought of your parents divorcing…

To listening to you intently, as you shared your hopes, fears, dreams, and your entire LIFE with me during our long pleasurable talks…

You opened up my life to possibilities that I had only dreamed about;  you broke through the very essence of my soul.  When I was around you, I felt worth something;  I felt honored by your presence…most of all, I felt LOVED.

The years I spent apart from you, my love, were years of nothingness; years of anguish, grief and strife that were my own personal living hell.  The drugs and alcohol were only means of escaping the harsh realities that I had made for myself;  I wallowed in self-pity and thought that happiness was something that I would never truly embrace again…like I had when you were in my life those many years ago.

And now, for the past year, God has blessed me immeasurably with your love and compassion and commitment to me.  And now, one year later, my heart is healed from those many years I spent without you as my wife…something that I should have done so long ago.

Thank you, Jeannie Marie Davis.  For loving me; for being my best friend; my soul mate; my confidante; my lover; my helpmate…and most of all…my beautiful wife.

After I read that I remembered when he wrote it, ( he usually dates all of his letters…and yes I keep everyone), He wrote that at a time in my life when I felt I was at the bottom of a pit.  I had just had back surgery and somehow thought tha tthe world had given up on me.  He was always there to remind me that I was but yet a small piece of the world and that the bigger picture was all about God.  Back then I didn’t think I had much faith to get me through what I was going through.  God used him to pull me back into reality and 6 months later, when I came to my senses, He was there to remind that it was not about me, the pain, the pain killers, the surgery, nor being selfish.  It was all about God using that experience in my life to strenghten my faith.

Now, when I have a problem, I look to God first.  God reminds me once again that I am but a small piece of this world and that I am to work for HIS greater good and not my own.

I just wanted to say thank you to my angel, my darling husband, my soulmate, my lover, my best friend, for showing me the path back to God those years ago.  You are my compass in this world of hysteria, and for that I love you and I give you my love.



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