Does life ever slow down?

Is that even a statement that CAN apply to my life.

I am sorry I haven’t written in so long.  I blame it on my laziness fast paced life.  I think my mind has been so filled up with junk that I can’t get my thoughts straight to write.  Between co-ministering 3 churches with Richard, taking care of 6 kids full-time, going to DFS meetings, counseling with the kids, and Disciple class every Monday I can’t seem to remember to breath.

So this is my attempt at an update on my lazy busy life.

We are in week 29 of a 33 week Discipleship class and I have enjoyed every minute of it.  Richard and I are facilitators not teachers and each member of the class has a unique perspective to bring to the discussion.  I am blessed to call each and every one of them my friends and mentors.  I have gleaned much wisdom from all of them and NOT looking forward to the end of this study.  I am going to write another post tonight on our study last night.  It was out of 1st and 2nd Timothy.  What a wonderful book of encouragement and learning.

Kids are all doing well.  Ima is hot and heavy on the trail of Warrensburg College.  I am so proud of her for the choices she is making in her life to make a better way for her daughter, Catlynn, and herself.  I pray that through us, God can make a difference in every child’s life that comes through our home like he has hers.

Kelsey is completely bored getting into the grind of her studies.  Science seems to be her favorite at this time.  She likes math also but she has to make that one fun on her own because not only do I struggle with math I struggle to teach it to her.  🙂  I jokingly tell people that I have to be tutored by Richard the night before I teach her lesson to her but it is almost the truth.  I never was a good math student, I just hope she doesn’t suffer from it.

Church is AMAZING.  We are so blessed to be a part of this community of 3 small churches that Richard serves.  We are having the 2nd of our “Dinner and a Move” this Saturday night at Purdin UMC.  We will be serving soup and sandwiches.  The movie will be The Second Chance.  It is about two pastors, Ethan and Jake are both passionate about worshiping the same God from the same book — but that’s where the similarity ends. When they are suddenly thrown together in a tough neighborhood and forced to work side by side, can the faith these two men share overcome the prejudices that divide them to give themselves and a struggling urban church a second chance?  It is a great movie with a great message of how these two pastors learn to work together for the greater good of God’s kingdom.

At Bear Branch we are gearing up for the Trinity UMC Chancel Choir to come up and sing the Christmas Cantata again this year.  Thursday, December 18th is the date, so mark your calenders for this spectacular display of God’s love for us through the birth of His Son, Jesus.

Tomorrow I am going to tell you about my new found occupation, I am now a book reviewer for the Thomas Nelson publishing house.  How exciting!  (Like I needed one more thing to do… huh?)


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