Max Lucado’s For These Tough Times

Title: For These Tough Times
Author: Max Lucado
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc
Publish date: Sep 2006
ISBN-10: 0849901707
Format: Hardcover , 83 pages
Price: 8.27 (Walmart)

Max Lucado has done it again. This is a small booklet type book, like the ones that you read as a devotional everyday, so it didn’t take long to read through it. I was as impressed as I have ever been with a Max Lucado book and yet I wasn’t filled with the hope and promise of other books of this type.

He begins this book with a question of “Where is God?” We are reminded of the fact that God doesn’t think, feel, act, or even look at things the same way we do. We assume that He (God) thinks within the confines of our brain. The things that trouble us do not trouble God in the same way. We think about saving our life…He thinks about saving our soul.

He ends the book with a riveting statement, “Do It Again Lord.” Reminding us of so many like, the Hebrew people in Egypt, Joseph, Sarah, Daniel, the disciples, that he has rescued. The amount of grace and love he has for us
surpasses any other. We ask, plead, and even beg, “Do it again Lord.

One thing for sure, you can tell Max Lucado has a love for God and he has a way of putting that into words that actually grip the reader enough to finish the book.


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