Rex review

Title:  Rex

Author: Cathleen Lewis

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Pages 242

Price: 16.49

When Cathleen Lewis got the call from her doctor in the last trimester of her pregnancy that there was a mysterious mass in her child’s brain, she never imagined the events that would unfold from that day.  Upon his arrival into the world, Rex showed great determination to live and excel in the gift that God had bestowed upon him.  After being told her son was blind at the age of 6 months, and then at the age of 4 being diagnosed with autism, Cathleen decided to devote all of her time to raising this exceptional child.

This gripping tale, of a child who was deemed a musical savant by many people; and his mother, who shared her life and love with him, is a story of love like no other.  Cathleen fought the public school system to get for her son what she knew he needed. She tells their story of overcoming tremendous odds to reach her son when others couldn’t; and to help him overcome so many of his hardships through his gift of music.

When times came that Cathleen just thought of giving up the fight and worried that Rex would never be able to function in the “real world”, God put circumstances in their path that allowed her to see what a truly exceptional child her son was, and how He wanted her to walk by faith, and not by sight.  As Rex developed his piano skills, God developed how his mother viewed the world…from Rex’s point of view.

This is a powerful story of love and determination; and it ended up being an inspiration to me. It is my belief that it will also be an inspiration as well as to anyone who reads it.  It is well-written by Cathleen, Rex’s mother; and I remained glued to each and ever word on the pages until I finished the book.  It left me asking for more when the end pages were blank.


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