Things to accomplish in my hectic life during 2009 seems like so long since I have posted here.  I have been trying to keep up and day after day after day I keep telling myself I need to write in my blog but then meals need to be cooked and the mountain of laundry must be climbed and it seems I have to empty the vacuum EVERY time I run it.  And in all of seems I never get caught up.  I have resided myself to the fact that I will NEVER be caught up.  So being the list person that I am, I decided to make a new year list of things I wanted to get accomplished in the upcoming months.

So here it is…not necessarily in the order of which I want to do them

  1. paint the hallway
  2. paint foster-sons bedroom
  3. finish painting the girls room
  4. fix the hole in the wall in the girls room
  5. get a new washer and dryer
  6. clean the carpets
  7. landscape the yard
  8. clean out the shed
  9. organize the closets
  10. get the scrapbook for our vacation done
  11. work on the foster-kids life books
  12. plant a better garden this year
  13. redecorate the living room in Americana style
  14. get new drapes for the deck doors
  15. read more
  16. get the fireplace fixed
  17. actually have some farm animal
  18. facilitate another Discipleship 1 class
  19. facilitate Discipleship 2 class
  20. organize bible school at church
  21. visit the shut ins more
  22. lead more people to Christ
  23. invite 1 person to church every Sunday
  24. Send cards out to the prayer list
  25. clean the attic
  26. Tell my DH I love him every day
  27. Write a book about Micah
  28. organize all my photos
  29. get more ram for my computer
  30. start a foster parent support group
  31. do something working with battered women
  32. go on a cruise with DH for my anniversary
  33. take the kids to the Omaha Zoo
  34. Sing more
  35. visit out of town family more often
  36. pray more often
  37. read my Bible more
  38. start baking my own bread
  39. Grow my hair long
  40. Learn to ballroom dance
  41. Richard and I record a song that he wrote
  42. spend more time with my family
  43. get my teeth fixed
  44. loose 25 pounds
  45. spend more time with my fabulous niece Kim and her new hubby
  46. get family portraits done
  47. do something completely out of my comfort zone
  48. write in my blog at least 3 times a week
  49. learn a new language (preferable Spanish)
  50. be more active in my Pastor’s Wife’s group
  51. email my friends more often
  52. write and illustrate a children s book about God
  53. Transfer all my home movies from VHS to DVD
  54. start a youth group at our church
  55. stay on task with Kelsey’s schooling (this one is hard)
  56. read my schoolhouse magazines that I have stacked up
  57. spend more time with each of my kids individually
  58. start a family fun night
  59. Lead a womens bible study

I will probably add to this list as time goes on and every time I get one accomplishsed I will definately post on it and mark it off the list.  I was reminded by my daughter that I lead a very busy life and she wanted to know how I get everything done in the time frame I have and still get to sleep.  I told her I am not sure either but that I think God slips a few hours extra in per week for me to get it all done.  Wait…I did read somewhere that they added a second to the atomic clock this new years eve…LOL  Maybe that is how I get it done.


3 thoughts on “Things to accomplish in my hectic life during 2009

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  2. As I was reading, I thought you might be spending too much time thinking of, and writing down all you need to do instead of starting with something you know needs done. I didn’t mean to sound mean, but I look at that list and I would think it looks like a mountain. But, if I know one thing to do and do it, I have made it up a little hill, and then another little hill, and then when I look behind, I can see how far I have come. But I’m sure you might like to check off what you have gotten accomplished, but it sure looks like a lot to do.
    Love ya like a sis,

    • Yes it is a huge mountain. They are not things I expect to accomplish but rather things I HOPE to accopmlish. Some of them might be out of reach but I look at it as at least I have something that I want to do. I will get most of them accomplished, however I am not going to beat myself up if I don’t get it done. I miss you…We don’t spend much time together anymore. I would like to change that…(I.e. #42) Call me.

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