Prayers Needed

I would like to reach out to all who read this blog and ask for two specific prayer requests.

First, Donald Palmer, one of the greatest giving Christians I have ever known, needs prayers as do his family.  Donald is in the hospital, where he has been for 2 weeks or so, and is not doing well at all.  Please pray that God watch over him and his family, in particular his wife Marion.  The have been married for 64 years and have been inseparable.  She is currently in a nursing home and unable to be at his bedside.  They were together up until Donald had to go into the hospital to manage pain.  The family takes Marion to see him as often as they can but she doesn’t move around to well and with it being so cold out they are not getting to spend much time together.  Please pray that God’s will is done in the healing of Donald.  He is a precious child of God and has done insurmountable things to help others, always giving of himself, just as Jesus commands us to do.  He is a true follower of Jesus Christ in every way.

Second, I belong to a Pastors Wives group on yahoo and there is a fellow PW that is dealing with a family crisis right now.  Last night about 10:00 they found him in the shower, he had hung himself.  The managed to get his heart beating and breathing again, however he is unable to breathe on his own and his heart is only beating at a very low voltage rate.  He left no note and no one knows of any reason why this tragedy happened but they need our prayers.  Prayers for a miracle of healing in his body, and prayers of comfort for the family.

Please remember these two families in your prayers.  I will update you as I receive information.  Thank you and God bless.


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