Update…no really an Update!

Well I thought I would give my readers (however few I have left) an update on my life. 

I haven’t had time to write here much because we have had a very busy household of late. 

Kelsey turned 12 yesterday!  My baby is not a baby anymore.  She is such a sweet girl that is turning into a young woman right before my very eyes.  We had a quaint little lunch with her daddy and I .  We went to her favorite Mexican place.  I would post a picture but I am out of town on a laptop and I don’t have any pics on here.  😦  We are celebrating her birthday on Sunday with lots of friends and relatives at Tequila Jalisco, you guessed it, her favorite Mexican place.  She will get the full treatment from the wonderful employees there, complete with Happy Birthday in Spanish, which dad of course sings along.

We are still gearing up for Ima’s graduation and the start of her first semester at Warrensburg.  Her daughter Catlynn continues to improve her vocabulary, very rarely does she not speak in full sentences now.  She is so cute!  We are really going to miss them come fall.

The churches that God has placed us in continues to grow leaps and bounds.  We have officially started our youth group and kicked it off with a lock in last weekend.  There were 11 youths there and they all made it until about 2:30 we put a movie in and within 30 minutes they were all asleep.  Richard and I stayed up and woke them up at about 6:15 to start cleanup and have breakfast.  They all seemed to have a really good time and wanted to do more things like that.  We are planning a bowling excursion and several other activities that will hopefully increase interest and attendance.  We are hoping to do some VIM’s to help out area churches.  The kids seemed excited about that.

As far as Richard and I.  We continue to be foster parents to 5 kids.  We are busy every night of the week and wouldn’t have it any other way.

In leu of Valentines day, I want to say I love my husband so very much.  With God’s help, he rode into my life into on a white horse and saved me from further destruction.  I don’t tell him often enough how much he means to me and how I can’t live without him.  Richard you are my hero, my knight in shining armor.

I would also like to ask for prayers for the family of Donald Palmer.  He is a parishioner in our church and he is dieing.  Pray for peace for the family and that he not suffer.  He is a great man of God and is always more worried about others being taken care of than his own pain and suffering.  A true saint in every aspect of the word.

I will try to write more as soon as I can.  Oh I almost forgot… visit my other blog and see what has been taking up my time.  It is an on line Bible Study called “Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World.”


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