I Am Still Here!

Hey there! Long time no write.

I apologize to my readers, if I have any left, for not writing for so long.  My life has been so incredibly busy that I haven’t had time to breath let alone write anything.

Here is a little bit of an update:

Kelsey has finished school for the year.  We had some prayer time and had thoughts about enrolling her in public school for Jr. High.  I spent a lot of time in God’s word trying to figure out if this was for us or not.  I realized after reading God’s word that I already had my answer.  We are going to continue to home school.  She was thrilled.  She is almost a grade level ahead of everyone in her “PS” grade and hopes to finish her education earlier than her peers.

Richard continues to pastor three churches in the United Methodist Conference.  The only change there is that God has give us the blessing for him to quit his full time secular job that he has worked at for 6 years and is now able to minister full time.  This is a blessing handed to us from God and we only hope and pray that we are able to spend more time leading others to Jesus.

I have been busy catching up on my reading.  I have also started a new business called “Heavenly Creations”.  It consists of Recipes in a jar like brownies, cookies, and muffin mixes, and bagged spice mixes such as meat rubs and seasonings.  So far I have been selling at craft shows and the farmers market and done quite well.

Our lives have been busier than ever the last couple of months.  We are starting to slow down now, and I hope to get back to blogging on a regular basis.

We arrived back home from the Missouri Annual Conference last night and what a blessing it was.  It was a very spirit filled time in worship and decision making.  Emmanuel Clever ll gave the closing address the last morning of the session.  That is truly a man that is on fire for God.  I only wish we could put more men like him into Congress.  Imagine how this country would be if we turned our faces back towards God and allowed Him to work in our lives.

As I said I will get back to writing soon.  Even tomorrow maybe..:)  I have plans to start a new Bible study on line via my “other” blog which is titled Seeking His Will.  The study will start July first and it is titled “Spiritual Exercise” by Helen Krudop.  I met her at AC and she was a very delightful woman.  She is a dynamic writer and hopefully will continue to spring up writings.

So that is about it for us.  All is well in the Davis household.  God continues to be gracious and good to us offering many blessings in our lives.  Praise be to God!


One thought on “I Am Still Here!

  1. I was wondering what had happened to you! I miss you and your blogs. I am excited that Richard gets to do full-time ministry. That cuts a big gas expense!! Love you all!!

    PS>>>Mom and Dad are coming down this weekend!! I’m super excited…they are staying until next Wednesday!

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