Book Review – The Hole In Our Gospel

Title: The Hole In Our Gospel
Author: Richard Stearns
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc
Publish date: 2009
ISBN:  978-0-7852-2918-6
Format: Hardback 290 pages
Price: 22.99

Richard Stearns says we have a hole in our gospel. In his powerful book, The Hole In Our Gospel he asks, “What does God expect of us?” and then he gives the answer that changed his life and might just change the world.

Having traveled more than a million miles to dozens of countries around the globe as president of world Vision, Stearns shares compelling stories of the revolutionary power of the gospel–the gospel without a hole–that is truly good news for a world broken by poverty, disease, and injustice. And he urges readers to join him in making this vision a reality. As CEO for a large company he lived in a two-hundred-year-old stone farmhouse with ten bedrooms on five acres, drove a royal blue Jaguar XK-8 and had children who loved their school and their friends. He had worked more than twenty years to get to the top of the corporate ladder. He gave it all up. He committed career suicide. He did it for God.

This fresh look at the gospel will take you to a deeper understanding of your own faith and inspire you to do your part to demonstrate God’s love for a hurting world.  In its simplest form, here is the answer to the question, what does God expect: *We are to love God. *We are to love our neighbors. *We are to go and make disciples of others who will do the same. Read this book and let the impact of Isaiah 58 and Matthew 25 change your life.


2 thoughts on “Book Review – The Hole In Our Gospel

  1. I’m so glad I found you through the yahoo group. So far I love your blog. More so I love the heart you and your husband have to serve God’s Kingdom. You’re an inspiration to continue to seek God’s will for my life and live in it. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jennifer it is so nice to meet you. I have not written regularly in my blog for a while. However we have made some drastic changes in our family…which I am going to blog about later today actually. I am so happy you were blessed by my blog. I always said even if no one ever read it on a regular basis, if I touched one person with the Gospel of Jesus Christ it would be worth all the time and effort. Always remember to seek His face and God will shower you with blessings. I constantly humble myself before the Lord and strive to do His will. Thanks for the encouragement, God bless!


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