New Bible Study Starting Soon…..

Just wanted everyone to know I am starting a new on line bible study on my other blog Seeking His Will.  The title of the study is Spiritual Exercise written by Helen Krudop.

Have you started …and stopped…numerous fitness programs in an effort to be healthy and fit?  Look no more!  Here’s a unique program to get you in shape where you need it most — in your spirit!  This biblically sound study will lead you through 10 steps designed to tone up your spiritual life, stretch your faith and strengthen your heart toward God.

Helen is a Missouri Untied Methodist Pastor’s wife, a Bible teacher, and talented musician.  Helen has ministered extensively in churches throughout Missouri with her husband for over 40 years.  The Krudops are blessed with two married children and four grandchildren, all of whom reside in the St. Louis Missouri Area, close to their parents.

I had the privilege of meeting Helen at Annual Conference this year.  She spoke at the pastor’s spouses luncheon.  She is a dynamic speaker and I was intrigued by her book.  I searched her out in the expo and got permission from her to use her book to do a Bible study on line at Seek His Will.  I was worried, as I am with all authors that I do my on line Bible studies from that it would cut into her profit sales from the book as I told her in my area not all people would have access to the book.  She was gracious enough to let me know that this book was NOT hers but it was the inspired work of and from God.  The book belonged to Him.

Helen is a wonderful lady and I admire her for taking the time and courage to write a book to help others in their spiritual journey.  I thank her for this opportunity to use her materials to help others in their spiritual walk in finding their way closer to our Savior.

The Bible study will be starting on July 13th.  I encourage you to buy the book.  You can purchase it direct from her website spiritualexercise.    It will change the way you look at exercise, and at the spiritual aspect of your life.  I have read it twice already!

Looking forward to studying with all of you.  Please feel free to leave comments as the study goes along.


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