365 Days of Blogging?

365 Days of blogging?  Oh my can that actually be done?  Well I am going to give it my best shot.  I haven’t blogged much in the last couple of years.  I have recently made some decisions in my life that are positive in nature and I am hoping they will free up some time to actually complete 365 days of blogging.

One of those  decisions is to delete my Facebook account.  I have vowed to remove as much negativity from my life as possible.  There are so many things in this world that you can’t control, like diseases and such, that the things I CAN control seem to be an easy decision.  I must say that hitting the delete button was quite liberating!  I spent the last few days contacting friends and letting them know of my decision.  I was surprised at the amount of them that didn’t answer my email.  That just goes to show you that I really wasn’t that important to all 678 friends on my friend list!  LOL.

Anyhow, today is the first of a year of what may prove to be interesting blogs to say the least!  I also am going to get back to books that I have started over the last two years to finish them.  I enjoy reading but had so many things that took up my time that I have not been able to do that.

Happy New Year to all my friends and followers.  I hope that your new year brings many blessings into your life.


One thought on “365 Days of Blogging?

  1. I am so proud of you making such a good decision, believe it are not you will see how free you feel when people don’t know your every move. i too have made that same decision shortly after i had set up a face book account, too many from my past that i wanted to leave in the past were trying to contact me. I made up in my mind if i was going to keep God first and continue on a positive journey i had to let go and i feel so free and never will i regret that decision. Have a blessed and wonderful New Year !!!!!!!

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