Be In The World, Not Of The World…

I mentioned yesterday that I would expound on how my day went this morning.  Well here it is 9:45 at night and I am just getting to the point that I have time to sit down and do just that.

My day went something sorta like this…

We made a trip to the city to buy seaweed (Nori) to make California Rolls with for an authentic Japanese dinner for our final discipleship class this Thursday evening.  We made the trip with two very good friends of ours and ate dinner at one of my favorite restaurants…Lone Star Steak House!

For some reason I was unsettled most of the car ride home.  Not knowing what was wrong, I decided to try to shake the feeling by pouring myself into some great fellowship.  So we decided to do dinner at our house when we got home.  Still feeling unsettled… I later learned that someone who has been very close to our family did something that deliberately hurt my family.  I can take hurt, and even rejection.  The problem I have is when it comes from someone who is close to you and who knows how to walk a Christian walk and chooses not to.

This individual clearly has been taught that God’s way is the ONLY way but on this date, chooses not to live her life for Him.  She has found that living in the world is easier than living a life for Him.  After getting over the initial anger of the situation, the hurt set in.  I was reminded by my pastor hubby, that it isn’t about me getting my feelings hurt, it is about God’s kingdom and how many people we can tell about His saving grace.

So in looking for some scripture to help explain this latest “hurt” in my life, which seems to trail hundreds of others, I found this set of scriptures.

“Therefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and rest your hope fully upon the grace that is to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ;  as obedient children, not conforming yourselves to the former lusts, as in your ignorance;  but as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, because it is written, “Be holy, for I am holy.”  1 Peter 1:13-16

The imminent return of Jesus should be enough to motivate us to live for Him.  This means being mentally alert at all times, disciplined and focused on serving Him.  The God of yesterday is still the God of today.  He sets the standard for morality.  He is a God of mercy and justice who cares personally for each and every one of us.  He expects His followers to not only imitate Him by following His high moral standards, but to also be merciful and just; like Him, we should sacrifice ourselves for others.

After people commit their lives to Christ, they usually still feel a pull back to their old ways.  Peter tells us to be like our heavenly Father — holy in everything we do and say.  Holiness means being totally devoted or dedicated to God, set aside for His special use and set apart from sin and its influence.  We are set apart and different.  What makes us different?  The qualities that God has instilled in our lives through His word.  We aren’t supposed to follow the world, compromising His word for the purpose of living in the world.  We can not become holy in our own power, God gives us the Holy Spirit to help us along the way and teach us how to obey His word.  The Holy Spirit helps us obey and gives us the power to overcome sin.  We give all kinds of excuses for being involved in sin.  The fact is that there are no excuses.  God doesn’t want to hear our excuses.  he wants to hear and see us fully focused on Him and serving him with EVERYTHING we have.

So in looking back on my evening, and my bad news, I tried to justify my anger by saying that it isn’t my fault because after all I hadn’t done the hurting, they had.  When I tried to pray and get rid of my feelings, I only got more frustrated.  It was not until this morning, that I finally took a step back and was able to see it for what it was.  And what it is that I need to get myself out-of-the-way and realize that I can’t change the way people act.  I can’t change the things they say.  I can only change me.  I can only change the way I react to how people treat me.  When I react in anger, satan says “Aha!  I have her right where I want her”, and he wins.  And when satan wins….then my focus isn’t where it needs to be.  Even though I can argue that my focus isn’t on satan…if it isn’t on God and His will for my life, then it IS on satan.  If it is on the world and how it treats me makes me feel….then the focus is on satan.

Where is your focus today?  Is it on the world?  Is it on yourself?  Is it on others?  Our focus should be on Jesus and His will for our lives.  If it isn’t that way in your life, maybe you aren’t doing enough mirror checks.


2 thoughts on “Be In The World, Not Of The World…

  1. All we can do is pray for them, live our lives for Christ Jesus, and try to teach them how to live a Godly life from scripture and by example. Those who choose not to follow God do so by their OWN choice, and we cannot condemn ourselves when we see them falter (because all of us do so at one time or another!). We must continually love them and lift them up in the hopes that they will turn away from their sin and turn back to a loving and forgiving Lord. Just my two cents worth. 🙂

  2. Well i must say that it get frustrating when i see someone that was bough up on the word of god not serving him like they should, but what can i do but pray and ask God to speak to they hearts. Of course they have to have the will too, what keeps me going is just knowing that God is faithful and he said he will never leave us r forsake us. I have been hurt and let down so many times by people that were close to me and i promise myself so many times not to let anyone else get that close to me. Every time i make up my mind to keep my distance God send me someone to minister to and for some reason that person holds on to me, so i have learned that some people r in your life for a reason and for a season. Keep your head up and keep praying and trusting in God!!!!!

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