Am I making a difference?

13/365 days of blogging.

Originally posted on 10-26-06

Do you ever feel like life is so busy and you’re just barely holding it all together? I often wonder, “am I really making a difference here, because I can’t see that I am?” In my heart I want to make the kind of contribution that changes my world, but the daily challenges of life and the harrowing tasks of motherhood often cloud the fact that my life and sacrifices are having a tremendous impact.

I recently read a book called “Mothers of Influence”. It is an incredible in-site into mothers of “important” people such as Billy Grahm, C.S.Lewis, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, Sam Walton, Laura Ingalls Wilder and many many more. The influence that these mothers had on their children may not have seemed like much to them (the children) at the time, but they give the credit to their mother for their life as an adult. I was particularly impressed by the story of Christa McAuliffe. Her mother supported her daughter’s desire to be the first teacher in space. As her mother watched from the observation platform, seventy-four seconds after liftoff, in January 1986, the space shuttle exploded. Grace Corrigan’s dream for her daughter disintegrated and fell to earth. She appeared in the public on may forums to tell the nation about her daughter. Today, with the help of her mothers Grace, Christa McAuliffe’s legacy continues in the lives of Christa’s children.

The book stated at the end of her story, “A mother of influence helps her children reach for the stars. I hope that I can inspire and encourage my children to believe in their own God-given ability to make our world a better place to live.

I urge ANY mother, young and old, to check out this book. God has allowed it to truly inspire me to strive to be the best mother I can be. Thank you God.


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