Guest Blogging by Hubby

Hey, folks! The wifey wanted to take a day off from blogging (since it IS her birthday, after all!) and she asked me if I would go ahead and guest blog some of my thoughts/feelings/etc.

I count it a joy and privilege to be able to share on her blog, because I know the many, many people that God has allowed her to reach out to with her posts every day. The Lord is changing lives, molding hearts, and shaping spiritual walks; and I know that a LOT of that is due to Jeannie’s increasing walk of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

For those of you who don’t know my darling wife like I do…all I can say is this: she is a humble servant of God who is always thinking and praying for others more than herself; she is a tough cookie on the outside but a fragile and delicate creature in her spirit. There have been many tragedies in her life (the greatest of these was burying our daughter Micah so long ago after her courageous battle with cancer) yet she has risen above them with the Lord’s unconditional love lifting her up. She loves to cook for armies literally God’s army!); she has the voice of a angel taking flight; she would be willing to lay her life down for her fellow brother or sister; she laughs unashamedly; cries over a lost soul; and is perhaps one of the greatest moms I’ve ever been around.

I say these things because during the past few months, she has experienced hurt, pain, and there were times when she has doubted herself; yet she has never, ever doubted God and His Word. It’s been a tough struggle, as she has bared her soul to others only to see them stab her with hurtful words or lying deceit…yet she has never wavered as she presses towards the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:14). I know that it brings joy to God’s heart, knowing that His servant Jeannie, even in struggles, persecution, and trials, keeps on pushin’ on for the Lord!

Edification is what each and every Christian needs in the world today: and I wanted to take just a few short moments to give encouraging birthday words to my helpmate, my spouse, and my best friend. Jeannie, God wants you to know that He loves you so very much, and that He is proud of you for your constant and unrelenting Christian witness to others. He also wants you to never forget that even though life on this earth can be so very hard and difficult at times, it is but for a time; a season (Ecclesiastes 3). And when this season on earth is through, your testimony will be passed down through the generations as a great reminder to our children as to the power of our living God, and to His promises that He gives us in John 3:16.

I love you, my precious Jeannie. You are a blessing to me, and to many others.

Happy Birthday from me, and from God.  🙂


3 thoughts on “Guest Blogging by Hubby

  1. What a beautiful and happy Happy Birthday Blog you wrote to us, for Jeannie and about Jeannie. I loved, especially, “..even though life on this earth can be so very hard and difficult at times, it is but for a time; a season (Ecclesiastes 3).

    Happy Birthday, Jeannie!

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