Busy Day Tomorrow!

24/365 days of blogging

I run a daycare in my home and I have been dealing with sick kiddos for some time now.  Snotty noses, coughing, fevers.  Everyone has had them including the 4 of us who live in this house.  I only keep 2 children at the present time and they are both in the same family.  Today they were both sick and made a trip to the doctor to once again get on antibiotics.

So today I decided I am tired of being sick and passing this stuff around so I went to the store and stocked up on Lysol and cleaning supplies and going to sanitize the house.  I am not keeping children tomorrow and my daughter and I are going to tear the house apart.  I hate cleaning especially spring cleaning in the winter time.  😦

Also my mother is going to be coming home sometime in the next week and she is going to be 75 in March and she surely doesn’t need all the germs around her.  Kelsey has already turned her room upside down and inside out cleaning it.

So a busy day it will be tomorrow cleaning and jamming to some Christian music I am sure.  I feel some Jars of Clay and maybe even a little Big Daddy Weave coming on!

On a different note…if you enjoyed the post yesterday from my husband…head on over to Slice of Home and check out his blog.  He is an amazing writer and an extraordinary man of God.  I love him so much!


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