Super-Spiritual People?

28/365 days of blogging.

Originally posted 12/15/06 on Heavenly Ramblings.

Have you ever been around someone who seems to be so much more “spiritual” than you could ever dream of becoming? Maybe he speaks unceasingly about the Lord or is forever living his life for others. Or perhaps he is able to interpret and understand scripture in a way that seems impossible to you.

When I’m around those “super-spiritual people”, it is easy to feel inadequate and very intimidates and I usually end up beating myself up because I am not like them. Then I begin to judge my spiritual condition based on how closely my life compares to theirs.

As I read my daily devotion today (at the right), I realized the good news is we are not supposed to be like them. The only person whose life we are to imitate is that of Jesus Christ.

Now those of you who know me (us) knows I am speaking of HIM and THEM as my VERY spiritual hubby. I can say “Honey where in the bible does it say….” and he tells me. Or “Honey what does the Bible say about……..” and he tells me. He doesn’t have to look it up or even think about it for that matter he just knows. I used to get very intimidated by that and would always feel like I was bothering him when I asked questions. (as I write this I am asking him about spelling and grammar..LOL) He really doesn’t mind. And even if it is with a believer…he absolutely loves talking about the Lord. He says my brain is just not wired the same as his. He can read something once and remember almost verbatim. Me, I take weeks to memorize one scripture, and then if I don’t keep saying it over and over I forget it.

God created each of us with different personalities and gifts. Some people were made with more outgoing personalities or outwardly evident gifts, while others were made with more introverted personalities or less public gifts. Whoever you are, you are an indispensable part of the Body of Christ. Throw off your preconceived notion that some people are more valuable to Christ than others, for such belief only serves to discourage you, and believe that God created you perfectly to bring him glory and to serve the Body of Christ with the gifts you have been given.


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