What a Great Day In The Lord!!

29/365 days of blogging.

Today was a great day!  I can’t think of a better day I have had in a long time.

First:  I got to wake up to my wonderful hubby.  The only thing I can think of that gives me more pleasure than falling asleep in his arms, is I get to wake up in them every morning.  Thank God for that.

We had an awesome morning worshiping God at CSBC.  The spirit is moving in a way at the church we serve like I have never seen before.  The sermon was about the different “tators” we are within the church, such as dictator, imitator, amputator, sweettator, and well you get the picture.

On 5th Sundays, our church usually has a “5th Sunday Sing.”  Members of the congregation and from the community sing and play instruments in praise to God.  Tonight my wonderful hubby and I put on a program using song and testimony to bring the Gospel to our congregation.  It was amazing!  Mostly because I haven’t gotten to sing with him on that magnitude for almost 5 years.  We used to travel around to different churches singing and telling our testimony to others.  But also because singing is the ONE thing I LOVE to do for God.  I don’t have an angelic voice, but I love to sing, especially Christian music.

And last, last year on my birthday, my mother got me this wonderful necklace.

Today, my secret sister got me these to go with it!

She got me some other things including Ghirideli chocolates, some wonderful butterscotch creme tarts for my candle warmer.

It was a good day in the Lord indeed!


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