A New Homeschooling Site!

31/365 days of blogging.

I found this today and I am excited to start receiving emails from this wonderful lady who has a passion for homeschooling.

Her name is Kerry and here is her “about” page.

Kerry has worked with moms, teachers & homeschoolers the past 30 years.  She wants to help you in your homeschool endeavors. Whether you are a newbie or have experience in homeschooling, you can be encouraged by spending time on her site.  Not only will she share fun activities to use in your homeschooling, she will encourage you in what God is teaching her.  Kerry regularly reviews homeschool curriculum.  Check out some of her video reviews today.  You’ll feel like you are sitting across the table from Kerry and “looking” at the manual yourself.

You can find out more about her and the new website here.

I am putting a link to her page in my sidebar.  Please take time to check it out.  There are so many  interesting things on there it will take me DAYS to find it all.

Thanks to Kerry for creating this site to help homeschooling moms.  Kuddos to you and your hubby for the time and energy you have put into this effort.  I personally intend on spending lots of time here.


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